Transitional Residential Program

Shire House Residential Housing for Adults with Autism

Our Shire House Transitional Residential Program teaches our clients to understand and manage their diagnosis and any other underlying issues so to reach their particular level of self-management.

We provide guidance and support our clients through any educational or employment path they might have chosen to undertake.

Our clients are expected to be working and or attending school within a reasonable timeframe the professionals working with the client deem as appropriate.

We run our residential program out of a large house with a co-ed college dorm setting which can accommodate six clients at a time.

Our residential program is supported by a Program Director, Social Mentors, and an Academic and Employment support Staff, a Physical Fitness Coach, any other professional deemed necessary, and a weekly Social Opportunity in which other young adults from within our Autism community participate.

We provide guidance and the supports needed as a client transitions out of Shire House to their particular independent living setting.

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Transitional Residential Program

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