The Shire House Residential Program will start operating in San Antonio, Texas as of April 1, 2021. We have a Shire House Interest Meetup group to start getting to know parents of or professionals who work within the Neurodiverse and Asperger community in San Antonio Texas and surrounding areas. 

Transitional Residential Program

Shire House Residential Housing for Adults with Autism

Shire House offers residential programs, community activities and services.

Our Residential Programs are specifically for Neurodiverse, Asperger, and high-
functioning Autism adults.

Our Community Activities and Services are open to the adult Autism Spectrum and
Neurodiverse community.

Our Shire House Vision is a community with friendships, supports, and services that will
be available for the Autism Spectrum and Neurodiverse adult population long into their
adult lives.

Our Shire House Mission is to create a community of and for Autism Spectrum and
Neurodiverse adults where friendships and supports will be forged as our young adults
begin their journey into self-management and independent living.

Our Shire House Philosophy is that with appropriate interventions, methods, techniques
and supports, our clients will learn to cope, adapt, and thrive.

Our Residential Programs teach our clients to understand and manage their diagnosis and any other underlying issues so to reach their own level of self-management and independence.
We tailor our menu of Supportive Services to the client’s individual needs of supports.Our clients are expected to be working and or attending school within a reasonable timeframe the professionals working with the client deem as appropriate. We run our residential programs out of a large house with a co-ed college dorm setting which can accommodate eight clients at a time, each in their private bedroom. Because our programs are year-round the applicant may join our community once the application process has been completed and approved.

A Shire House Client…

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Residential programs and services for Autism Spectrum and Neurodiverse adults

Transitional Residential Program

This program teaches our clients to understand and manage their diagnosis

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