The Shire House Residential Program will start operating in San Antonio, Texas as of April 1, 2021. We have a Shire House Interest Meetup group to start getting to know parents of or professionals who work within the Neurodiverse and Asperger community in San Antonio Texas and surrounding areas. 

Our Services

Residential programs and services for Autism Spectrum and Neurodiverse adults

Transitional Residential Program

This program teaches our clients to understand and manage their diagnosis

Shire House Shared Housing Program

For clients that are transitioning out of our residential programs

Community Events

The supportive services offered at Shire House guide clients toward mastering skills in self-management, needed for independent living.  Supportive services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Structuring and managing of one’s day
  • Structuring and management of personal daily responsibilities
  • Managing school and work responsibilities
  • Able to recognize, express and understand own feelings
  • Able to self regulate and manage feelings such as anxiety or frustration
  • Able to recognize others feelings and respond accordingly
  • Able to transition to new situations or schedule changes
  • Community based independent living model
  • Introduction and practice of social skills
  • Management of family, friends, and opposite sex relationships
  • Providing social opportunities
  • General organization
  • Grocery and personal shopping
  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Home maintenance and management
  • Guidance in class or course selection
  • Enrollment process
  • Management of class structure, syllabus, materials, and timelines
  • Development and practice of self-advocacy skills
  • Obtaining a tutor or school services
  • Regular review of client’s grades

Our physical fitness instructor works with our clients to discover a physical activity that they will enjoy and continue doing long term or creates a program that will lead the client to a desired fitness level or teaches the client to strengthen a physical activity the client is already participating in.

Along with our in-house Social Mentors, Shire House contracts with outside therapeutic services such Behaviorists, Speech Therapists and other specialties. We also assist the client in finding, obtaining and attending other therapeutic services according to their particular needs and or have the clients continue to see their existing therapeutic service provider.

Shire House has the client attend outside employment and job skills development organizations and agencies. Shire House helps the client maneuver their way through the process of scheduling, transportation, and all other areas of the actual job search and gaining of employment. Shire House supports the client with the various issues that might present themselves to someone being a new or first time employee.

We support the Neurodiversity Pathways program.

  • Mastering the use of public transportation
  • Driving skills tutoring and practice and test taking


Frequently Asked Questions

Shire House Residential Housing for Adults with Autism

Shire House provides a residential program for young adults (18 through 28)

A client is encouraged to stay until they have reached their particular level of self management and independence. This varies for each client and can be as short as six months or up to two years. There is no hard limit on how long a Shire House resident stays with us as long as the living situation remains appropriate and the resident continues to benefit from it.

Shire House residents must be employed, be attending school, or working towards one of those two goals.

Your donations are what makes our Shire House Scholarship Fund possible. Since the beginning Shire House has been able to provide scholarships to/for approved applicants that are not able to meet our Shire House residential program monthly fees. Please contact us to discuss your financial needs.

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Shire House will be relocating to San Antonio Texas July of 2021