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Shire House offers several residential programs and independent living options plus community activities and services.

Our Vision

Our Shire House Vision is a community with friendships, supports, and services that
will be available for the Autism Spectrum and Neurodiverse adult population long into
their adult lives.

Our Shire House Mission is to create a community of and for Autism Spectrum and
Neurodiverse adults where friendships and supports will be forged as our young adults
begin their journey into self-management and independent living.

Our Mission

Our Philosophy

Our Shire House Philosophy is that with appropriate interventions, methods,
techniques and supports, our clients will learn to better gauge and manage behaviors
that will lead our clients to their level of self-management and independent living.

What We Do

Our Shire House Residential Programs and Shared Housing Program are specifically for Nurodiverse, Asperger, and high-functioning Autism adults.

Our Community Activities are open to the adult Autism Spectrum and Neurodiverse community.

A Shire House Client…

  • …is someone who because of their high anxiety need supports transitioning out of their parents’ home, to living on their own, or navigating college or joining the workforce.
  • …is someone who needs a supported living and/or an academic supported environment as they attend college.
  • …is someone who might need a supported living environment as they learn to manage an emotional issue such as depression.
  • …is someone who might need instruction and guidance in self-regulating their behaviors and in understanding how one’s behavior affects their relationship with others, such as their parents, peers, employers and/or the opposite sex.
  • …is someone who might need instruction and guidance in how their emotional regulation skills or lack thereof can lead to more stress and anxiety.
  • …is someone who age-appropriately might have failed to launch or is failing to thrive.

Our Team

Liz Kane founded Shire House when she became aware of the need for post-education college living support services and transition to independent living support services needed for her son. Liz had been involved in the management of her son’s special needs since his Autism diagnosis in 1999, therefore, giving her the confidence to undertake a project such as Shire House. Liz’s previous work experience had been in business management and Alzheimer’s patient care. Currently, Liz serves as the executive director of the Shire House non-profit organization and as the Shire House Residential Program Director.

Lisa Collis is a clinical social worker and therapist. Lisa has received extensive training in evidence-based practices and believes it is essential to review research to understand which therapy approaches are shown to be successful and would most beneficial for her clients. Lisa has been a therapist and supervisor at a large non-profit agency in the Bay Area and at Kaiser Permanente and is currently in private practice. Lisa received my Master’s Degree in Social Work from San Jose State University and is a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Lisa provides supervision to Marriage and Family Therapist Interns and Associate Clinical Social Workers and training to other therapists on Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Brief Strategic Family Therapy, and Systematic Training for Effective Parenting (STEP).

Jeanne Swenson has been and is involved in education-related programs throughout the upbringing of her now adult children. Jeanne is a Shire House parent having had one of her adult children as a client in a Shire House program.

Valerie Plummer uses her experience as a parent, individual, and family life coach and Love and Logic facilitator to empower individuals and families to find personal fulfillment and build healthy relationships. Valerie encourages and guides conversations which empower people to create awareness, find answers, challenge obstacles and discover choices that lead to transformation. Valerie earned a BA in psychology from San Jose State and a masters in education from Stanford University and a Certificate in Transformational Coaching from Western Seminary.