Shire House

Creating Lives That Thrive

Shire House provides a Transitional Residential Program, Independent Living Housing Services, and Community Activities for young adults within our Autism and Neurodiverse community.

Our Vision

Our Shire House Vision is a community with friendships, supports, and services that will be available for our Neurodiverse, HFA, Asperger, adult community long into their adult lives.

Our Mission

Our Shire House Mission is that with the behavioral, emotional, and academic, and employment support services within our residential program, we will be guiding our Neurodiverse, HFA, and Asperger adults into lives that thrive.

Our Philosophy

Our Shire House Philosophy is that with appropriate interventions, methods, techniques, and supports, our clients will learn to gauge and manage behaviors that will lead them to their level of self-management and independent living.

Our Story

Shire House is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in San Jose, California, in July of 2012, where it provided services through March 2021. We recently moved to San Antonio, Texas, in April 2021.
Liz Kane Shire House

Liz Kane founded Shire House when she became aware of the need for post-education college living support services and transition to independent living support services needed for her son. Liz had been involved in the management of her son’s special needs since his Autism diagnosis in 1999, therefore, giving her the confidence to undertake a project such as Shire House. Liz’s previous work experience had been in business management and Alzheimer’s patient care. Currently, Liz serves as the Executive Director of the Shire House non-profit organization and as the Shire House Residential Programs & Services Director.

Our Housing Partner in San Jose, CA

Since 2016, Maria Jackson has been working alongside Shire House by providing independent living housing with light supports to young adults within the Asperger, HFA, and Neurodiverse community. The young adults living at our Housing Partners are already working full time. The need for Housing Partners arose when these out-of-state young adults were offered jobs in Silicon Valley. For detailed information regarding our Housing Partners housing opportunities email Liz Kane

Alora Farms Partners With Shire House!

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Shire House and Alora Farms. Alora Farms is a farmstead wellness haven for autist teens and adults to live and work as part of a thriving community.

Special thanks to our sponsor