During this Covid-19 Pandemic, Shire House is an ideal alternative to a closed college campus – a college student would be able to do their online courses and still receive academic support while experiencing a college dorm setting. 

Shire House

A Community of Friendship & Support

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Our Shire House Mission is to create a community of and for Autism Spectrum and Neurodiverse adults where friendships and supports will be forged as our young adults begin their journey into self-management and independent living.

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Residential programs for Autism Spectrum and Neurodiverse adults

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Common Questions

Shire House provides a residential program for adults (18 through 28).

A client is encouraged to stay until they have reached their particular level of self management and independence. This varies for each client and can be as short as six months or up to two years. There is no hard limit on how long a Shire House resident stays with us as long as the living situation remains appropriate and the resident continues to benefit from it.

Shire House residents must be employed, be attending school, or working towards one of those two goals.

Your donations are what makes our Shire House Scholarship Fund possible. Since the beginning, Shire House has been able to provide scholarships to/for approved applicants that are not able to meet our Shire House residential program monthly fees. Please contact us to discuss your financial needs.

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